NBS LawTrak Setup Files

If you are installing a Workstation or Remote, you will need this file.

LawTrak Setup File

If you are installing a Remote, you will need this file.

LawTrak Blank Data Files

Setup Instructions

1) Make sure you are logged onto the Workstation/Remote as an Administrator. Windows will not allow you to run the necessary files as a regular user.

2) Make sure the User Account Control is turned off in the Control Panel before you begin installation. It can be turned on again after installation if necessary.

3) Run the LawTrak Setup File. If you are installing a Remote, unzip the LawTrak Blank Data files.

4) MAKE SURE YOU CAN LOG ONTO YOUR MAIN SERVER! You can test this by pressing the Start button (right-click the bottom left corner option in Windows 8), press Run or click into the Run box, and type in \\YourServerName. If you're not sure what your server name is, or if you are asked for a User Name or Password, please contact your Network Administrator.

5) Run LawTrak from the desktop icon that appears after you run the setup files. If your operating system is Windows Vista, 7, or 8, the icon may not be correct. This will be corrected later.

6) Select either Workstation or Remote, and supply the path to the LawTrak Data Directory on the main server. Once you have everything correct, the program setup process will end and you will be thrown out.

7) Restart LawTrak and let the program upgrade the data files and workstation as necessary. If you are installing a workstation only, skip to step 10.

Remotes Only

8) Sign into the Remote with the user name ADMIN and password ADMIN. Ignore any warnings. Go to the Synchronize screen and run the upgrades for the remote.

9) Log back in after the upgrades and run a Synchronization to get the current data files down to the remote. After the Synchronization is complete, exit LawTrak.

Replacing Icon and Setting Security

10) Log into LawTrak with the user name HELP and password HELP. Press the button that says "Create Icon for All Users." Press the button that says "Copy DLL's to Alternate Path." Once you select the second button, you will be kicked out of the program. You may have to press F5 (refresh) to see the new icon. You can delete the original icon.

11) Go to My Computer, your C: drive, and right-click on the NBSPOLICE folder and select Properties. Go to the Security tab. Depending on your operating system, you may have to press an Edit button. Make sure all entries in the list have Full Control. Press the Add button, type in Everyone in the box, press the Check Names button, then OK. Make sure Everyone has Full Control checked. Press OK until you're out of the Security data.


If you have any problem with any part of the setup process, please call our office.