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Miscellaneous Downloads and Setups

Barcode Font

This is used for the Evidence Module Barcodes. Run or Open the link above. This will unzip to the c:\nbspolice\ directory. Go to the Control Panel, Fonts, and install the font from the NBSPOLICE directory.

Adobe Acrobat 3 Folder

This will unzip the Acrobat folder.

LawTrak/WTH GPS Program

This will unzip the files necessary for LawTrak to take direct readings from an attached Garmin GPS unit and to interact with the WTH Mapping Program. There are some additional steps needed to finish setting up this program, so please call either us or your WTH representative.

Arial Narrow Font

This will unzip to the c:\nbspolice directory. Go to the Control Panel, Fonts, and install the font from the NBSPOLICE directory.

Print Screen Program for Windows

Save this to your desktop and run it to enable the Print Screen button to work in Windows.

Dual Task Bar OCX - mscomctl.ocx

This file should be downloaded to the default NBS Modules directory if the dual task bar is not working correctly.

Drivers License Scanner OCX - mscomm32.ocx

Unzip this file to c:\nbspolice\ folder if the Drivers License COM Port Scanner setup gives you an error

PrimoPDF Printer Driver

This is an easy way to create PDFs by just printing to this printer driver.

Adobe Reader XI

This is the last decent version of Adobe Reader that doesn't cause a ton of problems.

Topaz Digital Signature Pad

These files are used to set up the Topaz Signature Pads to take into certain LawTrak forms. We only support Topaz signature pads, although others may be able to be used.

Topaz Drivers

Topaz Capture Software

Honeywell Xenon License Scanner Files

These files are used to set up the Honeywell Xenon Barcode Scanners to scan Drivers Licenses into LawTrak.

Xenon and 1900 MANUAL

USB Serial Barcode - Page 2-4 - 30th Page in File

4800 Manual

USB COM Port Emulation Barcode - Page 1-10 - 26th Page in File

USB to COM Driver (Old)

USB to COM Driver (New)

If Needed - Run as Administrator for 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System

Xenon 1900 Configuration Tool

Just in case you have an unformatted reader

Raco Scanner Drivers

This forces the Raco Scanner onto COM 9

Raco Driver

Raco USB/COM Driver